Is the QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor Certification Worth It?

The QuickBooks ProAdvisor program offers a variety of training and certification options for accountants and bookkeepers. These trainings and certifications are worthwhile pursuits for these important reasons:


The best reason to become a Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor is for the credibility the certification brings. When a small business or an accounting firm is looking to hire a bookkeeper or accountant, they are looking for proof that you know what you’re doing. One sign of credibility is a college degree. Another sign of credibility is being a QuickBooks ProAdvisor. Adding a QuickBooks certification to your resume sends a message that you are qualified, giving you an edge over other accounting professionals who are not certified.


Accounting is a knowledge profession. The more we know, the better our skills, the more trainings and certifications we have, the more we demonstrate our value in the marketplace. No one wants the least educated or least experienced accountant handling their sensitive financial details. Through the training and certification process, your skills become stronger and you are able to work more efficiently and effectively.

Continuing Education

Throughout an accounting career at any level, continuing to learn and increase knowledge is vital to remaining up-to-date on skills. As tax laws change or software is updated, keeping up with the changes is easier with a certification program. Intuit (the parent company of QuickBooks) has people on staff familiar with updates to the software and others who are researching and keeping an eye on how industry changes impact our profession. It’s like having a training department hard at work for you without the cost of hiring a training department.

Industry Trends and Changes

When the pandemic hit and businesses were suddenly thrown into chaos, changes happened very quickly in a variety of industries. But not all change is dramatic and sudden. A change in payroll tax law or income tax law can also impact businesses and non-profits. An educated and “plugged in” accounting professional is in-the-know about changes. A new app can create an opportunity for accountants and bookkeepers to demonstrate value to their clients by learning how the app works and who it will help.


Whether you are marketing yourself for a new job opportunity or marketing your accounting or bookkeeping practice, having a certification from QuickBooks is powerful. It gives you an advantage over non-certified professionals. It says very clearly, “This person knows their stuff.” Employers and clients are both attracted to that. Within the ProAdvisor program, certification adds more opportunities for increased benefits from the program.


Pursuing certifications in the accounting and bookkeeping profession shows a commitment to professional development. As you grow a business or a career, certifications serve as proof of your commitment to growth. It demonstrates your willingness to invest in yourself.


Because a degree is not a requirement for bookkeepers, you may feel a sense of uncertainty and wonder if you really know what you are doing. This is true for degreed accountants just starting out. It’s true, too, of people just starting their own accounting or bookkeeping practice. Passing the certification exam gives you the confidence that you are “good enough” to pursue a career or help clients.

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Caroline Grimm

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