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Accounting How To

We Put the “Fun” in

Accounting Fundamentals

  • Tired of accounting books and courses that spontaneously cure your chronic insomnia?
  • Wish you knew more about the numbers side of running a business, but not sure where to start?
  • Join us for entertaining and informative accounting education for accounting students, bookkeepers, and business owners.
So you want to understand accounting better but you don’t know where to start? This video will provide you with a roadmap just for you!

“You were one of my favorite teachers long before I ever had a class with you. <My brother> would regale the family with tales of your exploits. He told us wonderful stories and, when I did get to have a class with you, you did not disappoint from the expectation.” H.D., Student

“I just wanted to let you know that I’ve enjoyed your class so much that I’ve signed up for your next accounting class in the second half of this fall semester. I’m now starting to consider a career in either accounting or finance.” Isaac, Accounting Student

“Your methods are suiting my learning style and I am very appreciative of your efforts. I figured that you should hear immediate feedback where it is due, and therefore, I am extending my thanks and respect for how you are teaching our class.”

CF, Accounting Student
Financial Statements for Complete Beginners

 “I am thoroughly pleased and thankful I found myself in your class. Your instructional videos help with the concepts and what to pay attention to. Without these, I would be really far behind.
Just thought you should be reminded that your silliness and attention to detail is appreciated. I had fun.” Chelsea, Accounting Student

I really did enjoy your class.  You know a ton about accounting and I found it very informative.  The video lectures help to make the class so much easier.  Also, your interaction as far as answering any questions was very helpful and quick. Linda, Accounting Student

I did want to pass on my appreciation for your method of teaching, particularly the lectures that helped explain the topics as we went through them. C.D., Accounting Student

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