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1. Gear

In our Gear lesson, you'll learn tips to help you purchase and use the gear needed to take great photos.

Lesson overview

This is our lesson template, isn’t it lovely? Here, you’ll want to embed your video and text content and provide access to any other resources (like download files).

We recommend you do this

You can customize this page (or any other page) to your heart’s content – change the size of the video (we’ve gone for a medium-width option here), change the colors, change the text, play with the layout… go nuts! Or leave it as it is. Totally up to you.

Then stay consistent

To make life easy, our pre-configured courses and lessons blocks will auto-populate for you. So as you add more lessons and courses, they’ll automatically show up in your menus so your customers can find their way around – and you can password-protect your paid content with just a couple of clicks.